Susan Engelmann, one of PREP-KC’s Benchmarking Coaches, has worked closely with teachers in the K-3 Literacy Benchmarking program. Susan shared a few of the teachers’ comments about how this literacy program is creating a supportive environment to help K-2 students grow into confident readers:

“Because of Literacy Benchmarking, I have a beautiful library and book basket with individualized books. The students pick/choose books that are just right for them. They choose books on their reading level, books they are interested in, and a few challenging books. My students have access to the book basket at the end of each day. Students also participate in buddy reading.”   Grandview K-2 Teacher

“This past year was great for me. With the year before that being my first year, my classroom library was not extensive. So, I have seen an increase of reading time in the room due to the fact that I have better quality books.”  Center Grade 2 Teacher


“Because of Literacy Benchmarking, I have developed a true passion for expanding my classroom library and making it a warm and welcoming place for my students.”   Grandview Kindergarten teacher

“Through Literacy Benchmarking, I have been more focused on my classroom library. This is the first year I have had students using the library for book checkout (to take books home), rather than only using it at school.  The kids are more excited about reading books of their choice than any other group in the past. I see my students reading and attempting to read books because of their use of the library.”  Grandview Grade 1 Teacher