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Our Philosophy

PREP-KC is improving the education of Kansas City’s urban students by providing resources to prepare all students for college and careers. Working with 5 bi-state urban school districts and 2 charter schools serving 49,500 mostly low-income students, PREP-KC is supporting a more rigorous math curriculum, providing the opportunity for students to earn college credit in high school, and offering career-readiness experiences to prepare students for future employment. PREP-KC offers investors the opportunity to focus resources on improving urban public education by supporting data-driven strategies.

Key Strategies

Math Benchmarking

PREP-KC's 4th Annual Math Relays are celebrating student's success in math


Early College

Students who graduate high school having completed one of PREP-KC's Academies are enrolling in postsecondary education at higher rates than national averages for low-income and middle-income students.


Workforce Preparation

Over 3,600 students this school year have participated in hands-on experiences to explore college & careers